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Waggz & Whiskerz - Lost Pet Services
City News June 4 2009

Waggz and Whiskerz Lost Pet Searches are booked on a first come, first served, basis. We offer on-site K9 scent dogs that track the scent of your missing pet. This provides specific guidelines to your missing pet. Each pet acts very differently when they become lost and understanding true animal behavior is crucial to finding your missing loved one.
We conduct a full analysis of your pet’s personality,
a satellite review of the location your pet was lost from and strategies that are customized to your needs.

We do scene analysis and collect evidence that is crucial to your own specific investigations. Along with these search techniques we also use a database of pet shelters, rescue organizations and veterinary clinics to help canvas the location of your missing pet. We also produce high quality missing pet posters that can help people identify your lost pet.

Lost Pet Searches Rates                         

for Emergency Searches

1 Hour Weekend Search - $350 (Per Search)
within GTA on weekends 

1 Hour Emergency Search - $400 (Per Search)
within GTA on weekdays

Outside GTA an additional $50 Charge applies

Recovery Fee if Pet Is Found - $500
(Includes search)

Additional Assistance With Pet Psychic - $150
(Please Read Below For More Info)

Telepathic Animal Communication
For over 25 years,our specialist Claudia Hehr has
worked extensively in Canada, Europe and the US and her telepathic work is now recognized worldwide. She has appeared on numerous television networks such as the Discovery Channel, has been profiled on international radio broadcasts and in newspapers and magazines like Animal Wellness, Modern Dog, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Life and has been the featured expert at many events such as those sponsored by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) and Therapeutic Paws of Canada. She is part of our Lost Pet Services team and uses telepathy to contact animals who are missing. For more info on Claudia CLICK HERE
If You Have A Missing Pet
Fill Out The Waggz & Whiskerz Missing Pet Form Below

Missing Pet Form:
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Street Adress - City - Province - Zip Code
Home Phone - Cell - Work
Pets Name:
Type of Pet:
How long Has Your Pet Been Missing:
What Circumstances Lead to Your Pet Being Missing:
What Is Your Pets Age ?
Does Your Pet Have Any Medical Conditions ?
Vet Information:
Is Your Pet Microchipped ?
Microchip Number:
Pets License Number:
Additional Info You Think Would Help Us Locate Your Pet:
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Below is our team of search dogs !

The disappearance of your pet is extremely difficult, we understand that! Waggz & Whiskerz is dedicated to reuniting pet owners with their missing pets.

Download A  Missing Pet Poster Template Below


Lost Pet Services Disclaimer:(WWPS = Waggz & Whiskerz Pet Services)
1.WWPS does NOT guarantee the successful retrieval of any missing pet. Although we strive to succeed with every case, we can not be held responsible if a failure to produce the missing pet occurs.
2. WWPS is not responsible for any injury or death of your missing pet while under the care of an WWPS representative.
3. The client will agree to pay WWPS the understood price of this specific investigation as per discussed with our investigators.
4. Failure to comply with this contract will result in legal action as authorized by Ontario laws and regulations. WWPS cannot guarantee the health of any animal found or a successful retrieval.
5. If a missing pet is found WWPS will provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter and kind treatment for the animal at all times and has the ability to conduct pet first aid if necessary.
During the investigation of a missing pet, we request that the owner of the missing pet and all those outside of the WWPS investigative team do NOT accompany the investigators on any searches. The reason for this action is described below.
WWPS scent dogs are highly sensitive and can become confused and agitated during an investigation. These are working dogs and must not be disturbed or interrupted during an investigation by any means. There shall be no petting or praising to the search dogs. Only the trained investigators may handle the search dogs and accompany the search dogs on the investigation. A volunteer or assistant who is properly trained may also accompany the search dogs in certain circumstances. If a search dog becomes agitated and shows signs of aggression or hostile behavior to the subject or client no legal action can be taken and WWPS can not be held responsible.
The above disclaimer constitutes a legal contract between WWPS and any client of our Lost Pet Services.


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